Our asset as well as the most dynamic entity of our organization is ‘People’. In today’s demanding environment, the HR Department needs to recruit, manage, appraise train, retain and motivate its people. HUNT understands the complexity of such a comprehensive Human Resources Management System (HRMS) aiming to automate all HR processes and practices.

HUNT Advantages :

• Multiple users, multiple locations, central repository
• Feeds from different sources / locations integrated to provide a single composite picture
• Knowledge Sharing across Branches
• Status Tracking
• Single window to the HR Department
• MIS - Effective Decision making
• User Profile based access restrictions
• Scalable to subsume non-HR functions
• Modular structure allows maximum customization for a customer. Each module can be modified or omitted for   a specific requirement without any effect on the other modules.
• New modules can be designed as per the customer’s requirements.

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