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The background

At Hunt Professional Services, we believe in positively affecting people by inspiring them in their personal, social and professional environments. In doing so, we renew their respect for themselves and for each other, and give them a new take on their values, beliefs and perception.

In light of the same, we are committed to help modern organizations harness the Human Resource function as a strategic partner in business success and growth with a range of Learning and Development activities and initiatives, including a host of path-breaking proprietary tools.
Going beyond organizations, HUNT initiates contact with people when they are at crucial life stages, we also run various programs for professional engineering and management institutes.
Partnering organisations, in their learning and development plans, we have been successful in contributing in the following areas:

Identifying training needs for employees

Assisting in establishing a process for the most effective delivery plan

Developing the relevant delivery solutions for the training plan

Measure gaps during pre-assessment and evaluate training effectiveness post delivery

Measure ROI of training investments and help in establishing the most effective training plan for the future

What Training & Development and Performance Management Tell Us?

Training & Development is the implementation of coaching programs for employees. Organizations with strong coaching cultures, coaching programs, and support structures develop much higher levels of engagement, leadership, flexibility, and performance. Organizations are adopting a variety of coaching programs - ranging from intensive executive coaching to informal, ad hoc programs for specific skill development.

HUNT provides Training and Development programs which can help prepare employees for key positions throughout their careers. Many learning and development managers are placing a renewed emphasis on talent development programs for a wide range of positions, including engineers, sales representatives, manufacturing managers, and middle managers.

At Hunt we focus on processes first, systems second. In spite of the attention given to technology, it doesn’t add as much value as most people think. In fact, the use of HR systems barely even makes the list. Let’s be clear, HR systems are important.

This is a time when HR can bring significant business impact by focusing on high-value roles, solving business-specific talent problems, and helping the organization adjust to the changing workforce. We’ve come a long way from the days when HR was typically viewed as the “personnel department,” with primary responsibilities around payroll and benefits management.

But, many HR organizations are still grappling with this transition - not sure where to start, how to prioritize, and how to evolve in an efficient and effective way.

We particularly take pride in our training consulting approach, as our clients have stayed with us over the years and the extra personal touch has led to a partnering approach. It has given us tremendous satisfaction to watch our partnership bear dividends in their organisations.

If you have been exploring how to get started with training for your organization or looking at someone doing a need analysis or wondering how to gauge ROI on your training investment, write to us here with the details of your understanding of your situation and our consulting team will work with you on the solution.

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